Case studies where I led efforts that elevated the design maturity of organizations.

Guiding Principles
I have had several leadership roles throughout my career, and have learned numerous lessons along the way. These are some of my guiding principles that influence the way I lead teams.

5 min read

Rebooting a Design Team
When I joined Dealerware, my primary task was to heal a design team and elevate the design maturity of the organization. This is a glimpse into the journey that followed.

6 min read

Design Team Career Levels
Every member of a team wants to know what career progression looks like and how they will be evaluated. I created this career levels framework to facilitate the process.

5 min read

Camino Design System
Operating a modern design team in the 2020's demands an effective design system with clear governance, roles, and processes. We named ours "Camino".

5 min read

UX Debt Strategy
Product Management routinely cites 'technical debt' as a key element of a product backlog. I introduced the concept of "UX Debt" to Dealerware and partnered with Product & Engineering to embrace the concept and improve our product with each and every sprint.

8 min read